Writing advertisements or showcase websites requires familiarity with the features of the product as well as the target audience. One must also master writing techniques to engage the reader. We have touched on the areas of luxury goods, electronic products, food products, cosmetics, outdoor equipment.


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We have translated and written numerous descriptive leaflets of tourist destinations for the leaders in the industry. We have also subtitled tourism videos. This work requires broad general knowledge, a keen interest in research, and a good understanding of the writing principles of marketing and search engine optimization.


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We have translated many software products: geolocation, customer management system and inventory management system as well as related documents: deployment support and tutorials for their users. We have a good deal of knowledge about computers and the operations of most types of software products.


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We usually offer to our clients services of TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) where the translation and the editing are done by two different persons. This is part of our quality guarantee. But we offer also services of editing and even quality evaluation on translations made by external professionals.

We collaborate with several large translation agencies along with private clients. Here are some of our clients.

Good to work with. Laetitia is very responsive and delivers on time.

Maria GuzenkoAdvanced Language Translation

Frédérique is professional, reliable and communicative. Her work is excellent and she always meets deadlines.

Tsila DermerNet-Translators

We’ve been working with Frédérique on quite huge projects. Great collaboration, on-time delivery, really responsive! Thanks a lot.

Vincent PeetersGib Consult

The French language has no more secret for Frédérique. She is excellent! We are looking forward to work with her for all our future projects.

Annie EstéphanServices linguistiques Annie Estéphan

Il me fait plaisir de recommander fortement les services professionnels de Frédérique Izaute en tant que correctrice/rédactrice.Frédérique témoigne d’une très grande intégrité dans notre relation d’affaires et remet un travail de correction très approfondi en ne laissant rien passer, ne serait-ce qu’en vous proposant différentes avenues pour mieux exprimer vos intentions.Toute organisation qui désire transmettre une image corporative des plus professionnelles par ses textes, bénéficiera d’excellents services de la part de Frédérique Izaute.

Anne DumasDumas Marketing

Frédérique est ma référence pour la révision de mes documents scientifiques. Elle a révisé avec minutie deux de mes publications de plusieurs centaines de pages en un temps record me permettant de rencontrer les délais serrés entre mes contrats. Son travail est rapide, précis et il est facile de faire le suivi de ses corrections. Je recommande sans hésitation le travail de Frédérique Izaute.

Viviane BélairChimiste et biologiste marine

Hello Laetitia,I just wanted to let you know I had a meeting with my client *** today.
We’ve worked together on almost all of their requests for French Canadian, and I wanted to thank you.
The client mentioned that before she started sending us the translations, their Quebec office complained about how horrible the translations were. Since she’s started sending us the translations, the office hasn’t complained once.So thank you so very much for all of your efforts on this client’s jobs. It’s greatly appreciated!!

Yareli ServinAkorbi

I am so grateful for your professionalism and work ethic. I am translating this project in 18 languages, and you are the only team that delivered everything without any issues or excuses. You make my job so much easier — thank you!

ALT Translations, LLC

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